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Innocents' gathering shares horrors of state-terrorism

Kozhikode: A gathering, of people who were fabricated with false charges and acquitted as innocents after prolonged years of imprisonment manifested the depth of state terrorism. The acquitted people shared their experiences in the programme which was attended by human rights activists, academic experts and public. The second public tribunal organized by Innocence Network India was hosted by Solidarity Youth Movement.

South Asian Human Rights Documentation Centre director Ravi Kumar Nair called for a system should be in place which warrants yielding compensation from the hands of the officials who fabricated the charges. He added that those lawyers who take up the cases of these innocents also need support.

Yahya Kammukutty, native of Kodiyathur village of Kozhikode, who was falsely charged in Hoobli conspiracy case and imprisoned for seven years, was the first to speak in the programme. He said how he faced the arrest and ill-treatment at the hands of the officials. He said that at times he was denied justice from judiciary too.

Syed Imran, native of Hyderabad who was arrested in Mecca Masjid blast case and imprisoned for 18 months, also shared horrific experience he faced during the imprisonment. He also pointed how the media connived to fabricate Pakistan connection upon him.

Irshad Ali who worked as informer of intelligence service had different experience to share. Irshad Ali, hailing from Delhi, faced all torments as he refused to comply to the demand of the officials, to entice youth from Muslim villages towards terrorism.

Rashid Hussain who was fabricated in Jaipur blast case refuses to be described as victim. He described how he was fabricated with false charges and relieved off from the cases. He shared the experiences of legal battle he had with Infosys company from where he was terminated after the accusation.

Shahul Hameed had to share experiences of being charged with false accusations as he raised voice for Muslim cause. Nisar, who was freed in Panayikulam case said, how he was haunted for a programme conducted in public.

Hanif Patkawala, who worked for the welfare of victims of Gujarat Genocide, was fabricated with false charges. Abrar Ahmed who falsely implicated in Malegaon blast case also shared his experience.

Ravi Nair, Lee (Amnesty International), P.A. Pouran (PUCL), Wilfred D’costa (INSAF), S.P.  Udayakumar (People’s movement against Nuclear Energy), Adv. Mohammed Shuaib (Rihai Manch), K.P. Sasi (Counter Currents), Adv. Balan, Vilayodi Sivankutty (NCHRO), Abdul Majid Nadwi (Minority Rights Watch), Sadiq Uliyil (Solidarity) and others talked.

Dr. MGS Narayanan, Dr. K.S. Subramanian IPS, Ravi Varmakumar, Prof. M.V. Narayanan, Dr. Sajjad Hassan IAS, Adv. Vasudha Nagaraj and others were jury members.

Jury observed that Indian judicial system is facing deep crisis and Muslim community is deliberately targeted. Solidarity state president T. Shakir delivered the opening note. Manisha Sethi, Fawas Shaheen, Sharib Ali, Quil Foundation director K.K. Suhail and others spoke.