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Muslim Women’s Colloquium conducted by GIO

Muslim Women’s Colloquium conducted by GIO was the latest event of a series of programmes, conducted by the organisation, which manifested Muslim women’s resistance against mainstream feminist propaganda. The programme was held on on 25th, 26th February 2017 at JDT Islam, Kozhikode.

Adv. Flavia Agnes, prominent women’s right lawyer, inaugurated the colloquium. She called for changes in the concept regarding women that is still prevailing in the society. Real problems of Muslim women are being undiscussed due to Islamophobic discussions.

Engineer Mohammed Salim was the chief guest in the programme. He criticised that people with vested interest are trying to demonize Islam in the name of Muslim women’s emancipation. Islamic Shariat gives women real liberation. Muslim community should take attention to achieve the goal of Shari’at. Jamaate Islami Kerala Amir MI Abdul Azeez presided over the programme. Adv. Nurbeena Rasheed, K.K. Fatima Suhra and Fatima Tahliya spoke.

‘Politics, tradition and power of knowledge in Islam’ was the first session. Dr. Varsha Basheer led the session. A. Rahmathunnisa, O.A. Farha, V.A.M Ashraf, K. Shahla, T.P. Mohammed Shameem, Dr. Jabir Amani presented papers.

Adv. Flavia Agnes interacted with the audience of ‘Muslim Women and Politics of Uniform Civil Code’. V.A. Kabeer was the moderator of the session. V. Basima Shahana, Fatima Madari, K.T. Hussain, K.V. Shahnas, Bilal Ibn Abdullah and A.K. Niyas presented papers.

Dr. Varsha Basheer, Dr. Jenny Roveena, Dr. B.S. Sherin and Dr. R. Yusuf presented papers on subjects ‘Decolonization of debates on gender equality and attitude of Muslim Women’ and ‘feminist narratives of India’.

Dr. Jenny Roveena led the session ‘Muslim Women: Identity and Representation’. Khadija Mangattu, Husna Mumtaz, Feba Rasheed, Dr. V. Hikmathullah, Adv. A.K. Fasila and Juvairiya Iram presented papers.

Dr. B. S. Sherin led the session held ‘Muslim Woman: Life and Biography’ . O.V. Sajida, Ansiya Rahman, Amal Abdurahman, Fousiya Shams and Farhana Ashiq presented papers.

A.S. Ajith Kumar led the session which appraised the decolonial approaches of gender politics. P.P. Ummul Fayiza, M. Marva, M. Noorunida, Simi K. Salim and others presented papers.

In the campus politics solidarity session, Ladeed Sakhloon, Bupali Magare, Nikhila Henry, Salwa Abdul Khader and others spoke. Students of different campuses shared their experiences. GIO state president P. Ruksana concluded different academic sessions.

GIO state secretary Fasna Mian was Colloquium director.

Muslim colloquium was organized in continuation of a series of academic intervention done by the Islamic Movement in Kerala. The colloquium was manifesting the strength of Muslim women to question all the grand narratives that masquerade as liberatory.