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Denial of Justice to result violence: Nusrath Ali

Pathanamthitta: Jamaate Islami Assistant Amir Nusrath Ali has said that the denial of justice will result violence in the society. He was inaugurating Pathanamthitta district conference held at Adoor. Society is suffering from the menace that arise due to the laws that created by human beings. We want a law created by the Lord who created the mankind. Former Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru had said that he always had a thought on what happens to the human soul after the death. Even Nehru could not realize the ultimate goal of human life.

The Almighty created the human beings to live in His way. But, the man alters the course. When man creates law as per his requirement, it will be incomplete. It will lead man to the wrong way. The post-modern ideas argue that human being does not want religion. These ideas lead human being to wrong ways. Islam teaches human being how to live. The world has to realize that Islam is the way which gives salvation to the mankind.

But Islamophobia has created a sense that, Islam is an ideology of terrorism and that denies freedom to women. Quranic verses are quoted to miscreant it. Across the globe, Islamic groups who work to establish an Islamic society are being hunted after branding them ‘political Islamists’.

Islam does not consider dominance as an ominous thing. However, across the countries, including Bangladesh and Egypt, anti-Islamic forces are against Islamic groups.

Our country is lauded for its pluralistic nature. But fascist forces are trying to destroy pluralism. All religious groups are permitted to preach their own religion. Believers are ought to fulfill this duty effectively. A country divided with casteism and untouchability cannot achieve progress.

Country is equally suffering the problem of financial inequality. Just one percentage of the whole population holds sixty percentage of the wealth of the country. Demonitization affected the ordinary people.

However, we cannot be hapless. A faithful being cannot be disappointed. We are bound to resist the harms that fall upon us. Muslim youth are being imprisoned in the name of fake allegations. BJP is talking about Uniform Civil Code. The Muslim community at the whole should come forward to resist the efforts to destroy the plural nature of the country.

Jamaate Islami Kerala Amir MI Abdul Azeez presided over the inaugural session. Palayam Imam VP Suhaib Moulavi was chief guest. Jamaate Islami district president Abdul Hakkim Nadwi delivered the speech. Pathanamthitta district president E.A. Basheer Farooqui gave the welcome note.Jamaate Islami women’s wing president P.S. Faseela, state committee member A. Rahmathunnisa, Khadija Rahman, Hakkim Panavally and others took part in the academic meet held as part of the conference.

In the public conference held, Jamaate Islami Assistant Amir VT Abdullakoya said that, university in diversity is the strength of the country and that is the essence of the country’s existence. Reigns of the country has reached at the hands of those who are not ready to acknowledge the diversity. This is the biggest challenge the country face. People of this country are bound to hand over the reins of the nation to those who believe in democracy. Otherwise, existence of the country itself will be challenged.

While mankind has achieved new heights in the sphere of knowledge, they are lacking tolerance and whole-heartedness. The government fails to accept all communities as equal. Even America, which boasts itself as the oldest democracy, is facing challenges towards democratic values. Narendra Modi has support of only the 33 percentage of the country. Yet no one came against it. But when Donald Trump came into power, America witnessed a huge wave of protest. Trump played the cards xenophobia and racism for his victory in the election. Now he is implementing his racist policies. Muslim refugees are denied entry into that country. But we have to think how the refugees were created. America supported the rebels and dictators that ruled the Arab countries. They helped the groups which America favoured with arms and wealth.

Our Prime Minister is travelling across the globe and talks about financial growth. But the basic section of the society is tormented. We discussed Rohit Vemula’s suicide in detail. It has been months, since a youth, Najeeb who was assaulted by ABVP, have gone missing. There is no response about the same. A feel of insecurity among the citizen are widespread. A bias in implementation of law is evident. The government is ought to curb the differences among the people.

Faith cannot be forced. The constitution has guaranteed the freedom for religious conversion. There is a wide feeling that the minorities cannot exist here anymore. The people anymore feel that their properties are secure. These insecurities have resulted in a violent situation. The whole world is facing such a situation. Terrorist groups like Islamic State feed on this situation. Only those who have an ideological bearing can escape disillusion caused by the governments.

Jamaate Islami general Secretary M.K. Mohammed Ali presided over the conference. Yusuf Umeri, A. Rahmathunnisa, Sadiq Uliyil, C.T. Shuhaib, Nasira Tayyil, Mohammed Ali Parakkal, EA Basheer Farooqui and others talked. C.A. Ashraf Ali gave vote of thanks.