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  • Lessons from Natural Disasters

    Earthquakes continue to hit Nepal. Death toll has crossed 7000. Tens of thousands are struggling without adequate medical aid.

  • From Gujarat to Warangal

    Two fake encounters filled the media spaces last week. Police brutally killed 25 people in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

  • Missed Opportunities

    A controversy has been brewing among North Indian Muslims for last few days. Those who incited the debate are now silent.

  • Safer to be a Cow!

    A bill proposing ban on beef by Maharashtra Government has been approved by President of India.

  • Murder-o-crazy Bangladesh

    The three member panel of International Crime Tribunal of Bangladesh recently pronounced death sentence on Mutheeurahman Nizami, Ameer, Jamaate Isl

  • Generation Kiss Revolution!

    Human beings need privacy and secrecy for gratifying their sensual desires. Sexual act and defecation are such actions.


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